High Country Half Marathon Presented by Foscoe Rentals

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Saturday, August 26, 2017

7:30am start for all runners; 11:00am cut-off for participants if they have not completed the course.  Anyone who intends to walk the majority of the route will be allowed to start at 7:00am and must self-time (early starters are not eligible for awards). Awards ceremony will begin at 10:15am at Davant Field in downtown Blowing Rock (near the swimming pool).

Packet pick-up will be at the ASU Kidd Brewer Stadium in Boone on 8/25/17 from 5:30-7:00pm and on 8/26/17 from 6:00am - 7:00am. On-site registration is available during packet pick-up hours.  Payment accepted at on-site registration is limited to cash and checks.

Parking is free at ASU at all Student, Faculty and Visitor lots.

Complimentary shuttles will provide transportation for runners from the finish line in Blowing Rock back to the starting area on ASU's campus.  There will also be a dedicated gear shuttle to transport particpant's belongings to the finish line.

NEW ROUTE FOR 2017!!!   We're excited to present a new High Country Half Marathon route that features a 2.5 mile downhill finish!  We will be ending in Davant Field in downtown Blowing Rock! While we'll miss finishing up at the Equestrian Preserve, Davant Field will allow for more of a celebration -- our new sponsor is the Blowing Rock Ale House!!

Route Description

The Half Marathon will begin in Boone at ASU's Kidd Brewer Stadium.  Out of the stadium, the course will follow a flat River's St. onto Blowing Rock Road (mile 1 @ IHOP).  Taking a right onto Winkler's Creek Rd. at Bojangles, the route begins it's curves and gradual uphill following along the picturesque Winkler's Creek.  The route will then take a right onto Russ Cornett Road (mile 3) with more curves and gradual uphills and downhills. **New** At mile 4.4, the route will take a right onto Diamond Ranch. Next turn is a left onto Poplar Grove Road then a left onto Shulls Mill Road at mile 7.5. At Highway 221 the course turns left into Blowing Rock.  Taking the first road on the right, the course turns onto Laurel Lane looping around the Equestrian Center. Taking another right onto Wonderland Trail and the finest views in the south, the course continues to wind downhill and to the  right on Wonderland Trail until a left turn back onto Laurel Lane (near Bistro Roca). The route is completed with a right turn onto Clark Street and a short jaunt to finish at Davant Field.

Aid Stations:
Mile 1.8            water
Mile 4.5            water and Gatorade
Mile 8               water and Gatorade
Mile 10             water and Gatorade
Mile 12             water and Gatorade



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Now until 8/6/17: $65.00

8/7/17 until raceday: $75.00

Register for all three Triple Crown races for a discounted rate of $100.00 (this special offer good until 5/27/2017)

***Note, registration is only on-line through Race Planner or day-of at the event! On-line registration closes at midnight on 8/23/17. Only participants registered by 8/6/17 are guaranteed t-shirts.***







The High Country Triple Crown adheres to the standard running industry policy that refunds are not allowed. Unlike the industry standard, however, we do allow registration transfers provided the person to which the registration is being transferred checks in at the registration table to update information prior to the race start. The new person must also complete a participation waiver.  Recipients of transferred registrations are not guaranteed a t-shirt or specific t-shirt size.  The entry fee for this year’s event will NOT transfer to next year’s event, no exceptions.


All participants registered by 8/6/17 are guaranteed to receive moisture wicking shirts and goody bags. The top three male and female finishers for The Half Marathon in seven different age categories will receive awards. The overall* top three male and female finishers as well as the overall grandmaster  (age 50+)  top three male and female finishers will also receive awards. Special prizes from our sponsors will be given away throughout the Triple Crown Events.

Triple Crown Winners: Runners who complete all three Triple Crown races (The Cub, The Half Marathon and The Knob) will receive special awards. The top three overall* male and female runners as well as the top three overall* female and male grandmasters (age 50+) will split $1,500.00 in cash awards following The Knob on September 30, 2017.

*It is the policy of the HCTC that overall winners are displaced from age group categories for awards.  This policy also applies to cash awards in the Overall and Grandmaster categories. All awards need to be claimed within 30 days of the race date.



2016 Overall           2016 By Agegroup

2015 Overall           2015 By Agegroup

2014 Overall           2014 By Agegroup

2013 Overall           2013 By Agegroup

2012 Overall           2012 By Agegroup

2011 Overall           2011 By Agegroup


Half Marathon Policies

Runners are reminded that the Half Marathon course is on open road.  Because of the winding and hilly nature of this course, the following policies have been adopted for the safety of all our particpants.

Strollers: Not allowed

Dogs: Not allowed

Children:  Any participant under the age of 14 needs to be accompanied by an adult


Course Topographical Map

The High Country Half Marathon -- currently undergoing revisions!

2018 Triple Crown Race Dates!


The Cub (7-Miler), presented by Mast General Store                 May 26, 2018    8:00 am

High Country Half Marathon, presented by ZAP Fitness       August 25, 2018   7:30 am

The Knob/The Bonk (2-Miler),        October 6, 2018 8:00am

2017 Triple Crown Winners

Men 2017

1. Wilton Norris 2:10:19

2. Caleb Masland 2:14:34

3. Christopher Larson 2:33:00

Women 2017

1. Tilda Helgesson 2:46;26

2. Becky Moretz 3:19:51

3. Paige Kell  3:25:55

Grandmaster Men 2017

1. Wayne Middlesteadt 3:05:00

2. Glenn Eller 3:10:02

3. Stephen Spell 3:13:16

Grandmaster Women 2017

1. Lisa Howell 3:47:23

2. Dawn Jenson 4:13:05

3. Beth Vonnegut 4:39:43

2016 Triple Crown Winners

Men 2016

1. Caleb Critcher 2:30:14

2. John Williams 2:41:32

3. Lewis Hendricks 2:52:00

Women 2016

1. Sarah Garvick 2:53:03

2. Jessica Howard 3:02:26

3. Lisa Beard 3:11:57

Grandmaster Men 2016

1. Steve Ryder 2:46:15

2. Stephen Spell 3:11:08

3. Robert Flanigan 3:35:49

Grandmaster Women 2016

1. Karen Anderson 3:38:48

2. Donna Vanderford 3:58:06

3. Linda Buchanan 4:29:12

2015 Triple Crown Winners

Men 2015

1. Caleb Critcher 2:36:51

2. Josh Church 2:41:12

3. Andrew Kinder 2:58:37

Women 2015

1. Emily Wolf 2:50:30

2. Emma Henry 3:08:46

3. Donna Jones 3:20:02

Grandmaster Men 2015

1. Terry Anderson 2:55:01

2. Wayne Middlesteadt 3:04:13

3. Stephen Spell 3:08:04

Grandmaster Women 2015

1. Nan Jekubovitch 4:04:39

2. Linda Buchanan 4:26:52

2014 Triple Crown Winners

Men 2014

  1. Caleb Masland 2:13:15
  2. Caleb Critcher 2:31:44
  3. Damon Braxton 2:39:16

Women 2014

  1. Michelle Lutz 2:33:03
  2. Donna Jones 3:20:47
  3. Tracie Haines 3:21:30

Grandmaster Men 2014

  1. Stephen Spell 3:07:07
  2. Kinney Baughman 3:22:49
  3. Steven Jacobson 3:39:22

Grandmaster Women 2014

  1. Michelle Johnson 3:15:35
  2. Nan Jekubovitch 4:19:12
  3. Carolyn White 5:03:20

2013 Triple Crown Winners

Men 2013

  1. Peyton Hoyle  2:04:47
  2. Caleb Masland  2:11:44
  3. Jack Brown  2:34:21

Women 2013

  1. Jackie Parsons  2:46:38
  2. Jessica Smith  3:03:50
  3. Michelle Johnson  3:14:08

Grandmaster Men 2013

  1. Jack Chambers  2:50:39
  2. Stephen Spell  3:04:39
  3. Bobby Mash  3:16:49

Grandmaster Women 2013

  1. Eri Ohashi  3:20:12
  2. Joan Hearn  7:09:02


2012 Triple Crown Winners

Men 2012

  1. Peyton Hoyal 2:09:55
  2. Caleb Masland 2:13:02
  3. Daniel Phillips 2:24:07

Women 2012

  1. Lori Crotts 2:34:57
  2. Meredith Bazemore 2:47:19
  3. Taylor Gupton 2:50:32